The global corona pandemic has shaken us all and made it very clear that nothing and no one is immune from illness, unemployment and loss of sales or economic crises through new legislation. We will show you alternatives that will help you to break new ground, to take your life and your success into your own hands. We enrich your everyday life with high-quality content on a solid base with clear principles.

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As a valuable member of Europe’s so far only Infotainment portal, you decide when, where and how you want to use our services. We strive for more mindfulness in our daily dealings with one another and choose our speakers with care. With us you will discover new possibilities to lead a self-determined and happy life. Our speakers live our values and are certified.


As a NETucator, our content is available to you at any time and on demand! But we know that this is not enough in socially difficult or even crisis times. Therefore we share our success with our members as a token of appreciation. With us you will find inspiration and the right contact person for your personal success and, like every member, you will receive 80% commission for your referrals. Sharing makes you happy.

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When selecting our content, we pay attention to everyday and practical issues with a view of the bigger picture.


We meet each other at heart and eye level. That is why we maintain open and appreciative communication.


We choose our products and our range with care in order to always create added value for everyone who's involved.

Founder's Note

It is important to me to use The NETucator to bring more humanity and emotion into our sometimes superficial society. There has to be a careful, respectful and appreciative interaction with one another, which has unfortunately been forgotten in the last few decades. It is up to us to create our future - now.

About us

We are a team of long-standing successful entrepreneurs in Germany, Austria and the USA, who have made it to their business to accompany people on their way to personal success and to give them useful tools in order to achieve their individual goals. But personal success can mean something different for everyone. For us, the fundamental base of every success is a solid set of values and emotions – the inner drive why you do something.

With us you will not only find well-founded courses, lectures and coaching on how you can achieve your personal goal. We also offer you content for a positive and strengthened mindset that guarantees you moments of success every day of the year.

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Customers Reviews

"Education is something that people must do for themselves: Simply stated you educate yourself. Others can train us, but only you can truly educate yourself. Education begins with curiosity. Curiosity is the insatiable desire to find out what the world has to offer. Based on 2 general principles: Knowing “What is the case” and understanding “Why it is the case” you begin to understand the world and you discover how to learn. The NETucator is an essential component of digital learning within the 21st century. NETucator, makes us want to engage more into different topics and is therefore an indispensable part of learning." 

Dr. Markus Tomaschitz
Vice President Corporate Human Resources, AVL List GmbH

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